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Lollipop Ups for Prom

It's here! Prom! Admit it, you've waited a long time for prom night. And you want to remember every detail. Don't worry, we've got you covered and we won't let you forget a thing.

We'll take gorgeous portraits of all your guests. Each guest will get a few minutes to get in front of the camera, both solo and with their date. We'll capture the dress, the shoes, the hair, the pre-prom glow. Parents can jump in too, so can besties.

We'll do group shots and help everyone get into position and get the energy going. 

And don't forget the candids. In between, we'll float around and capture the crowd.

Here's the low down: Each guest will have a few minutes with the photographer and will receive a hi-res portrait of themselves, a portrait with their date and one big group shot featuring all the guests. Each portrait is hand-edited and perfect for framing. The files are delivered electronically and come with full print rights. Each guest will also receive a $25 gift credit they can use towards any upcoming mini session date or when booking an in-home pop up mini. Lollipop Up Prom Parties are priced by the number of guests and range from $20-30 a person.

Got questions or ready to book? CLICK HERE and send us a message and we'll get back to you lickety split. Be sure to include the date of your prom as spots are extremely limited.


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