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Book a session, help ban assault weapons

My six year old son and I became mass shooting survivors after a man opened fire with a AR-15 style weapon on our July 4th parade in Highland Park IL killing 7 people and injuring 40 others.

Last year I traveled to DC ten times trying to pass a federal assault weapon ban. I met with nearly 50 lawmakers and their teams including the White House. I testified in front of congress. I attended every house and senate hearing on guns and assault weapons and I was there for the markup of HR1808 and when it passed the House.

I kept fighting so hard to get the bill up for a vote in the senate but myself and others could not get it done. 

But I’m not done fighting. 

While things were quiet in DC, I turned my attention to the state ban and we got it done! I testified in front of the senate and spent several days in Springfield lobbying and last night I was present when governor Pritzker signed the Protect IL Communities Act into law.

Now I’m ready to come back to DC and fight for a federal ban because weapons of war do not belong in civilian hands. And all of it starts with you and your support.

Every penny raised from these special sessions goes to funding my travel expenses to get me to DC to fight for a federal assault weapon ban.

I won't stop until we get this done so no other child has to run or live in fear of dying at school.

Want to help?


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