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A birth story

In 2016, we welcomed our son Beau to the world with great fanfare. He was teeny and pink and smelled like heaven and every single day, I don't know how, but I love him a little bit more than the day before. For me, motherhood (despite being the hardest job I've ever had) seems like a really good fit. I am in love with hanging out with my kid. That, however, is not conducive to running a business when you're an entrepreneur.

Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. You work crazy hours and as fall started to approach, I started to get really nervous. The fall is holiday season for us family photogs. It is not unusual for me to spend every day editing and filling card orders until the wee hours of the night. Every weekend is full of shoots and when the weekends fill up, sessions start to creep in during the week.

But now I had this babe. This squishy snuggly sweet boy who was cutting a tooth and stealing my heart every single time he smiled. How could I possibly spend so much time away from him?

But I love my job. I have built my business with buckets of sweat. I could never just walk away from it. It's kind of my other baby.

So I compromised and Lollipop Ups was born.

I've always loved mini session days. Whether it's a bunch of individual families or one big family, I love the energy and the dynamic of working with many different people all at once. It's challenging and so much fun! I particularly love working with groups. People play off of each other and the whole shoot is like one big party! So I thought, why not offer a pop up portrait party service. Not a photo booth, but a portrait service that will offer gorgeous images in a party setting where everyone knows each other and is having a blast. It's great for reunions or pre-prom or even just with a group of friends because you all need holiday photos and wanna hang out.

There will be public pop up mini sessions for families who want to join solo. And there is even an option for a pop up in-home mini sessions for an additional fee. You can also join the fun at events when we pop up at your favorite stores. Most of the events include a complimentary image and you can purchase additional images via our premium a la carte service.

Lollipop Ups is mom-minded, started by a mom for other moms knowing that we're all crazy busy because motherhood is intense! I want to make getting your family photos easy breezy without sacrificing quality because my favorite, favorite thing in the whole world is being able to preserve the incredible bond that makes every single family unique. I want you to be able to look back your portraits and get all the feels even if it's 50 years from now.

So meet up with me for an event or join one of our pop up mini sessions or drop me a line about hosting a Lollipop Up. And let's get documenting that amazing family of yours!



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