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Chewy & Delicious: The Baby Niche

Teething sucks. There, I said it.

Luckily, adorable teethers are easy to find. I'm a big fan of wood and food grade silicone. I like wood because it's natural and safe. And I like silicone because it feels nice and squishy, perfect for soothing sore gums.

So these teethers by The Baby Niche are a double win for me and my bub. The wood is a hardwood maple from Canada and they come neatly packed and ready to go with a nice coating of organic coconut oil. My son is obsessed with both the Pine Tree Maple Teether and the Button Maple + Silicone Teether.

We also have the Stone Grey Leather Strap because it's a well known fact that my favorite mom hack is attaching everything to my kid so he doesn't lose his toys because he loves to wave them around and drop them when you're not looking. Seriously, I use them for rattles and toys and anything that something I can loop the strap through.

I also love that The Baby Niche is owned by a fellow mama because buying local is where it's at when you can swing it.


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