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Meet Sprout Kids Highland Park

Squee! We have our first event on the books! So Downtown Highland Park is ah-dorable!!!! And when bub and I were out and about we happened to see this store that I immediately fell in love with. It's a fact that I never buy myself anything more but I love to shop for my little one. Seriously, the teeny tiny clothes! I can't help myself.

So we saw this charming store and I'm telling you, if you have littles, get in there!

As a boy mom, sometimes it's hard to find cute stuff for my guy. But this place has vintage rock tees and customized Star Wars shirts and seriously rad shoes.

Of course, their little girl's selection is out of this world. I mean, look at these little flats. And I'm dead.

And of course, with this bag...

But I digress. I'm super excited that our first Lollipop Up will be at the Sprout Kids' Valentines Day Party! Join us on February 11, 2017 from 11-1pm. It's a free event with crafts and snacks and photo snaps by us and each guest will receive one complimentary digital image from their mini shoot! Come one, come all! But definitely come so we can meet you!!!


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