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We LOVE WeOrbit and You Will Too!

A brand spanking new playspace 2 minutes from my house??? Say wha???? This is not a drill, people. WeOrbit has arrived.

To say I stalked this place is an understatement. I was sooooo excited to find out that my town was getting a playspace. I emailed the owner immediately to find out when the joint was opening. And then I went over there and I got a sneak peek and this place is AMAZING!!!!

It's got style. I love the colors. Shades of aqua and orange and lots of light wood make a clean and modern first impression. The skylights bathe the whole place in light, which, as a photographer, makes me swoon.

They've got magnatiles and cool x-ray insects...

They also have this awesome magnetic wall that holds different sized chutes that can be reconfigured into different combinations to guide wooden balls down to plastic tubs underneath. I watched the older kids work together, moving the chutes around and swapping ideas on how to use the different pieces.

Lots of teamwork in action...

They also have a section for the littlest visitors. Complete with a library and story section.

Love the book selection too...

And a walking rail and velcro wall. It's also gated so quick crawlers like mine can't escape.

There is so much attention to detail. We absolutely love it!

Along with open play, WeOrbit will be offering classes like music and yoga and even baby sign language. Nili The Storybook Mom is also slated to make appearances starting in May and my babe and I plan on being in the front row!

And be sure to check under our events section for free pop up events by yours truly. We will be snapping all the action at WeOrbit's first party on Easter Sunday. Be sure to hop on in and meet the Easter Bunny and get a portrait! All guests will receive one web sized digital image on us!

Here's my guy during our first visit. He's pretty fearless. I set him down and off he went and I'll admit that I felt a teeny bit sad that he was happy as a clam investigating without me. But then I noticed that every now and then, he would look around for me, like he was making sure I was still there and once he saw me he would go right back to playing. And I gotta say, it made my heart burst a little.


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